Wednesday, November 30, 2011 any other name...

My Daddy named me Hound...but Mommy calls me Precious in my ear, and I like that.  I am an oddity, you see.  There are not many of my kind who speak both human and ca'at.  Yes, I am bilinguil.  Mommy is playing Somewhere Out There on her music machine and I am attuned to it.   I will pass on many secrets to you because I like the music that is playing.  I love my Mommy and Daddy but they keep insisting that Batgirl and the rest are my sisters and brothers, but really Wallace and Michael and Anna and now Sara are my brothers and sisters.  The others are ca'ats...I speak ca'at so well because the others have been jabbering in my ears since I'm a baby...I get the treats that my human brothers and sisters don't get, great stuff like sardines and jackmack and if I'm a good girl something Mommy calls nip...the other day after I had nip I just touched her lightly and she yelped like mad and got up and went into the little closet in the hall with the water pipes and the big water bowl and came back with the sharpies in her hand.  So I was Hound getting a manicure, not Precious sitting and purring in her lap...Mommy says I'm a good girl living in two worlds.  Daddy says I'm crazy.  Well, everyone says I'm crazy but Mommy...she knows better.  So, I am Hound to the world but Precious to my Mommy...and she who opens cupboard doors is the one who matters.  She who can use the special whirring thing that makes cans of great stuff more available to my tummy is Queen of the least the Queen of mine...Daddy is a lucky Consort...ooh...Daddy is eating Angel Food Cake...gotta run!  Ohoh, Mommy is mad, she struck my beauty and she says dam blogger won't let her put it in...never mind, she'll keep trying...


  1. smiles..that special whirring sound like a special cat...i am thinking of calling mine garbage disposal...he ate a bowl of unattended goldfish crackers the other day...

  2. You have me laughing! This is such a clever blog.

  3. Ha!! Love it! I'm a cat girl, Precious...nice to meet you xoxo


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