Monday, November 21, 2011

Pyewackit Speaks

So at last, the Elder Statesman gets a word.  Since HRH (Batgirl) has finally vacated the office I suppose I should tell you about myself.  SHE says I'm old.  Well, I suppose she is right.  I am getting on up there.  I'm seventeen by human accounting.  That is years.  Not days. I know that I am Siamese because my human mother picks me up and sings to me about being Siamese if you please.  She finds it quite endearing.  I find it quite annoying but you do what you must to please this odd race of people. I am known by several names, Pyewackit, Pye and even answer to any of the other c'at people who reside in my realm.  After all, it may mean treats of some kind are about to be shared out.  Before I came into my dotage I was quite a good mouser.  I enjoyed the light snack at midnight and it made my humans happy. Except for the snacking part. 

I came into the McBride Pride as a youngster.  I was busy dozing with my litter mates when a huge Queen by the name of Jayne Wayne kitnapped me and my brother Tommy.  She carried me to a house a long way away.  She was not my mother.  I do not know why she stole me.  Inside the little white house by the highway there lived the most beautiful c'at I had ever seen.  She was called Gizmo.  One day the door opened and stayed open long enough for me to slip inside and once in I never wanted to leave. I played for hours with the right honorable Gizmo.  The humans allowed me to stay.  One day several years later my Lady Gizmo slipped out with the sheltie dogs and was never seen again.  There was much sadness in the McBride Pride.  There was also living in the little white house the Queen, whose name was Ariel.  She explained to me about disappearances, deaths and the cruelties of the outside world.  She allowed me to grieve with her over our Gizmo.  

So here we are, a handsome Pride with a new Queen.  We lost our Ariel to the C'at Angel called Death, he took her quickly and left us saddened but wiser for having known her.  That is when the highhanded Batgirl took over the Realm.  She is quite bossy and even the dog is afraid of her.  She claims not to bully little Caroline, but I have seen her.  I was watching her words and know that she thinks Hound to be insane.  Well, maybe a little insane, but she at least has an excuse for sometimes sudden temper tantrums.  Well, that's me for tonight.  My joints ache and I think if I go whine in my human mother's lap she might find me a nice tin of sardines. Maybe if I go stand on top of the world...  


  1. Too sweet. And is there any other place for a cat to stand? I think not!

  2. Little Emmy knows your pain, as she is arthritic and old. We had a difficult night, cold rain falling made both of us old ladies ache.

  3. A new blog! The McBride Pride. I like it :-)

    How do you attract animals like this? I am a robin magnet - which I love - but nothing furry and stout-hearted ever shows up on my doorstep. Sniff..

    Bravo Sandi.

    And that globe is - fab!


  4. So sweet ~ thanks for the visit :)

  5. Beautiful cat. We had a siamese that we'd loved for 14 years, but he had to be put down last spring. Never easy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. If you happen to be the person that followed me today, would you let me know? My GFC box isn't working right, and I like to try to always follow back.

  6. smiles. i hope that you get that tin of older cat is feeling her age these days as well the new one though has got her moving a bit faster...

  7. Nice to meet the rest of the family.


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