Sunday, April 15, 2012

A letter to the Great Cat to whom we owe life

My Dear Master
We have been away from our duties, but the gathering last night brought us much hope.  Maman has an owie on her foot and the pain has been bad.  She finally will be getting that under control this week with something Papa calls an op-er-ation.  He is worried, but she is brave and not afraid to go into the breech...his words. Meanwhile, we exist in her warmth and Papa's largesse. 

On hearing that we have coyotes in our woods (I know for I have seen their grey slinking other worldliness prowling my haunts) Cher has written a new song.  She whispered it into Maman's ear the other night while she lay sleeping.  Now, you can hear Maman singing it to the tops of her rather considerable lungs as she walks our little cricket.  She used to sing a silly song about having no bananas and we believe that is where our Cher got her inspirations..the song goes   

yes, we have no coyotes
we have no coyotes today
we have big ones and small ones
there's short ones and tall ones
but they seem to all be grey
yes, we have no coyotes
we have no coyotes today!

Well, madame Cher, I disagree.  We DO have coyotes and if Maman would give you the freedom that she gives me you would soon figure that out.  But no, I heard Maman say that if Cher were out in the wild she'd be the first one signing up to be a hot faith in our Cher has she.  Meanwhile, Caroline (or Carolina as Papa calls her) has also seen the grey beasties and is busily laying a trap.  No sense has our Caroline.  She thinks she is a real ocelot, not just colored like one.  I have attempted to stop her tree sitting in watch to no avail.  I, Batgirl, promise to keep you updated on her royal stupidness's antics.  Until later, I remain your precious Batgirl.


  1. haha batgirl is so cute...and a crime fighter to boot ready to take on the coyotes...

  2. Wasnt sure if this was you or not ... what is this about an operation? contact me ...HUGS ~ JO

  3. Oh no! I do hope the surgery goes well and brings much relief!

  4. An operation? On your foot? Foot causing much pain? Oh dear.

    And I am sad that you have coyotes. That would not make me a happy camper. Where are the dogs?

  5. I have just posted a photo of a coyote on my blog tonight.....and good luck with the surgery.


  6. Batgirl, stay out of the woods! And thanks for starting my day off with a big hearty laugh out loud. xoxox

  7. Great prayer Batgirl! I hope you and the other cats are safe while Maman is in the hospital.

    Love and scratches,

  8. Buena suerte y pronta recuperación :))


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