Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Darlin'

Today is Darlin's birthday and Mamon is busy doing things for him today.  She is going to cook him favorite things and one of his favorite things is being fish...salmon fish.  And grits.  I care not for the grits but will love to share in the salmon as it swims upstream to reach his plate.  And eggs that Mamon stands and beats for no reason that I can tell but they look pretty and fluffy standing on the plate sliding over to the grits to give them hugs and kisses when she scoops them out of te big hot pan that will make me go oeyoeyey if I try to see too closely.  I think she will be baking him a big white cake all covered over with coconut because I heard her smacking the hard shelled milk container arouund last night and she was using the grater thingy this morning,  I like cake. Happy Birthday, Darrlin' how old are you now?   29?  Mamon is laughing and saying that it is a mathmatical impossibility for Darlin' to be younger than his younger son,  and he is laughing and says you my sweetest sweetums keep me young,  she is doing that finger down the thoat thing and laughing at Darlin' and they are hugging.  Yuck.  Grown ups make me sick.  BUT
Love you we do Darlin'
From Caroline

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

JJ the Tuxedo Cat takes a bow

It's quiet in here.  Mamon and Darlin' left in the big red truck.  They told Chase and Cricket "watch the house and don't chase the kids" so I know they won't be home soon.  They don't know that we kids chase they.  Cricket tries to tell when they come back in but Mamon speaks cat fluently and dog not at all.  Darlin' speaks dog but he refuses to believe that we kids can cause that much mayhem where dogs are concerned.  Precious Pup and Popeye (Chase and Cricket) try to get us in trouble but JJ just sits and looks innocent and sweet.  No one ever believes them.   Cricket tried to tell them about how we got him cornered under the big bed an wouldn't let him out.  Now how, pray tell (Mamon always says that, it sounds divine so i borrow her phrase)could we five possibly do that?  I mean I've heard of a leg at each corner...oh, ok right we could do that. 

Mamon calls me her little tuxedo cat so I looked in the big book of the Kings English and guess what?  I do look like I have a tuxedo on.  i am really quite lovely...see?

Oh and you know they think cause I am the baby that i am not smart but i can speak human so good.  i know what "JJgetdownfromthatcounterrightnow" means.  It means scoot and do it fast.   I love rolling around on the big bed when Mamon and Darlin' are away and playing with the pillows that smell like geese.  I cuddle in the down and slip into sleep and pretend I can fly. 

So that's me, JJ...come talk to me sometime.  I have secrets to share.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That British Woman: A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

That British Woman: A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!
I noticed that Cher had been on the computer and left her message...but I have a more important one...Gill, That British Woman, has a lovely giveaway going on right now.  You must go visit her and see what's in the offering...I'm o excited to be a part of it and hope I will win at least one of these drawings...keep your fingers crossed...now go read Cher's latest work.

Cricket's Song, by Cher the Composer

Now that Sunny really upset me.  Am I wrong or did he insinuate that Cher (that is me) is not quite bright?  Why, I am the smartest in our family for sure!  I am the Muse.  I write poetry.  I am talented and quiet.  I only talk to the canines...they understand me.  Sometimes I speak with Caroline, if she is in a good mood.  I sit quietly and compose.  Sunny really should not assume that because I don't natter on about nothing that my noggin is empty.  Why, just this day I wrote of Cricket, Mam'an's precious boy...I quite like our Cricket and Scarlet, too.  They are so much fun, they chase me but don't catch me.  That's more than I can say for the rest!  So, here is my ode to our Cricket....

Cricket's Song

Go pee high up on that fence post
leave your name, your number two
no no not that you nitwit canine
you never heard me say go poo...
no, pee high there let the others
know who you are and what you do
when you ate and how you ate it
with gusto,  mate, and a lovely brew...

Tell them Deadlyclaws is a bounder
a cock sure peke with a steady gait
a girl friend we all call Miz Scarlet
though the humans call her Chase
tell those blighters they need not tarry
but go on back down through the wood
don't return, for you'll be packin'
gnarling teeth and a filthy mood!

He lies upended there on the carpet
happily dreaming of how mean he is
front feet running nine to forty
soft woofs echo from between his lips
and then he awakens with sudden caution
a heavy weight upon his chest
and narrows eyes at the snoozing feline
covering him warmly like a vest

"How can I go pee high upon that fencepost
and show them all how fierce I be
when you show no more fear than Scarlet
and even dare to nap on me!
get thee gone, you cuss'ed feline
don't you know I'm danger based?
 Cher laughs softly at his fierceness
(and dares to stroke that pug nosed face)

"Calm down sweet boy, you know your bluster
won't give me the slightest pause
did you forget, your name is Cricket
when you're awake, not Deadly Claw' s...
you're but a dog, and we'll protect you
from any harm that comes your way
feline power is to be respected
now lie back down, and let me lay..."

And so he does as he's commanded
and looks forward to gallant dreams
where he'll go pee high up on that fencepost
and show the world he's what he seems!
He's no cat bed though Cher would claim him
he's no weak kneed Nellie, he
he's a brute, his bark will prove it!
if his sweet Cher would just let him be!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sunny Speakssss his mind...

So ma'man  has been laid up with something Batgirl calls "the ouchies".  That is as close to what the peoples call RA as we can come.  Herself moves and she says "owowow" so I calling it the "owies".  My name is being Sunny.  It is 'cause I  have excellent disposition...big word for cat, spelling optional.  I am being Russian Blue, and am the favorite.  I know I am cause I am helper to Herself.  We make bed every morning when I am reminding Herself that the time is right.   The time is right when I say.  I have sister named Cher, she of "the lights are on but nobody home" fame.  Or at least that is what I hear my people say when speaking of her.  She is very sweet, just not very clever.  And she is liking dogs better than felines.  Strange girl, she.  Our people are getting ready for something called "super bowl" and we have bets as to what will be in it.  Will it be kibble for damn dogs or will it be salmon for the sweeties (us)...or will it be that strange stuff Himself calls "dip" when he is eating the corn crispies...i am thinking it has to be salmon or maybe even jackmac...yummmm...but will have to let you know.  This super bowl is supposed to be prepared on the Sabbath day...which is very strange, because usually they eat  at The World Famous Smokehouse on Sunday.  Herself brings us a plate to share that is filled with chicken and something she calls ribs that the dogs like...she tells us Roger prepared this feast for us and us alone...but I smell ribs on her breath when she is telling us so i am thinking that maybe this roger prepares the feast and our darling mama'n simply shares the afters...so that is me, but don't be telling anyone that i am the favorite.  it is being our secret.