Sunday, November 20, 2011

And so we meet

Good morning my dears.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am the leader of the Merry little Band known as the McBride Pride.  As a Calico, it falls as a natural order of things that I should be Queen.  You may call me Highness or if I like you, Batgirl.  It takes a lot of work to keep the humans in line but they have learned over the past 9 years to toe the line.  Breakfast at 7, lunch at 12:30 and dinner at 8.  They have learned through trial and error not to try to fob off the cheap food imported from unknown countries.  The lesson was learned hard by the death of my sister, Lucile...she preferred the calling of Lucy.  We all loved Lucy.  So now we have our own place to let our kind and kin know what goes on in the world of Ca't.

My elder, Pyewackit the Siamese sleeps uneasily these days.  He is old and has the skinny hindquarters of the elderly.  The female human worries about him because he tends to nap in unorthodox places like the backs of sofas and chairs and has fallen from his perch several times a week.  Very unca't like.  He wears his age like a band aid and gets extra treats of tuna and bacon...the female human boils him chicken livers and chops them finely because he has lost several teeth over the years.  She worries. 

Sonny and Cher, the two Russian Blues are as different as peas from other pods.  To be honest, Sonny is a suck up.  He even helps the humans with mundane chores such as bed making.  I mean really!  How he can lower himself to such depths is beyond my kin.  Cher is quite sweet, if rather vacant.  I have heard the male human say when speaking of her that the lights are on but no body's home.  I finally sussed out the meaning of that.  Though I love the Mister, I take offence at my young charge being thus labeled.  She is, after all, Queen in Waiting.

Then there is Speck...he came to us through a divorce in the family.  Coming from a broken home has made him, as I've heard it said, needy.  He will wrap himself around the human being's necks and cry and purr and demand petting.  They give in to this for a bit, but soon his weight and heat make them shove him off with a pat and "go way now kitty".  And so he goes.

Our Hound was found in the well house whilst a tiny baby, eyes not yet open.  She had been abandoned by her mother and so the humans took her in and raised her as one of them.  Hound is quite seriously insane.  She has one foot in the human world and  three feet in the ca't world and is not quite sure exactly where she belongs.  She longs to be held in the arms of the female human and on the other hand she longs to slap her.  She frequently does both.  She also takes long runs down the hall to climb her human mother and sit upon the shoulder of she who saved her.  I have heard them say that when she was but a kitten, it was cute.  Now it is simply terrifying.

We came by Caroline through the kind act of the child human who lives in the dwelling across the acreage.  She came with her in her arms and asked the male human if she was ours and that they were afraid the pit bulls who lived with them would kill her.  The Mister took her into his arms and brought her inside.  And so she stayed.  She is marked like an ocelot and has wise eyes and tipped back ears. She is quite afraid of my wrath and walks around me ears lowered and cheek by jowl growling like an African Ca't.  But when she is outside she is quite the little bully and takes no trash off any of the yard ca'ts.  The yard ca'ts are not quite right either.  They sleep with a rooster named Dudley and allow him to eat with them. 

We came by JJ because Caroline had a flirtation with a tom who answered to the name of Jack.  My humans were so upset because her appointment for her trip to the land of Hartsville had only been days away.  Our Dr. Lawhon was happy to put off what they called the procedure...and so Caroline became a mother.  I was a mother twice before they managed to capture my person and take me to the land of Hartsville.  Pyewackit tried to warn me, but I figured what could a Tom know?  I hadn't noticed...he always sat like a warrior...who knew?  But JJ is quite the sweet little Tom and he was taken quickly to the land of Hartsville where he was altered.  He loves to sleep on the end of the human's bed and they allow it...I don't lower myself to sleep with the likes of gives them to much power over a ca't.

So this is my little pride.  I don't believe I have left anyone out, but they do slip in here, so I could be wrong. We shall be writing to you at least weekly and will keep you posted as to our whereabouts and doings.  We have quite a time here in the land of Jeff-er'son. 


  1. Oh how I love it sweet friend. I will be regular reader...I am awful at commenting (can't do it well via the phone) but I read! I love your writing and your stories...
    Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL..human and feline!

  2. Oh Sandi, I can't wait for the next post. This is wonderful! Hurry up and tell me some more stories please. :-)


  3. ha quite the pride you have there...funny stuff...our new cat is rather freaked out by the christmas tree we put up yesterday...

  4. Wonderful to meet all the felines.
    Mama Bear

  5. You're a clever little feline, Batgirl (I'm going to assume you like me because my home has always been shared with furry little beings such as yourself). Lovely to read all about your amewsing cast of characters but my own two fellows are now complaining about how I've never let them have their own blog. Thanks a lot! ;)

  6. Pleased to find you here, ma chere Sandi, surrounded by your feline accolytes no doubt?! Looking forward to purringly passing the time of day with you here. Hoping you are in a place of good miaow-ments! Fhina x

  7. Batgirl, I enjoyed reading your new blog so much that I lost count of how many cats are in your kingdom.

    We used to have a big and grand pride of amazing cats, but sadly two were very old and passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Now we just have three cats, two which are old. They are about twelve years old. But we do have a spry ine year old kitty that we rescued. I look forward to reading all of your stories. Could you post pictures of the other animals? BTW, my cats liked to sleep with my chickens. I think that is very unusual, don't you?

  8. Oh finally a place where a cute little cali can speak her mind! Love it!

  9. Your new blog is great. You right with so much zest and fun. I love it!

  10. Hi Sandy
    So nice to see your new blog
    with so many lovely purrrr.... friends :-)

    Cuddle for all
    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

  11. My canine contingent is waiting for the next installment. We are feline free for the moment. Spooky left us just weeks ago. There are two lurking about. Too timid to let me touch them yet. They are happy enough to eat the offering of cat kibble I leave out. They watch me dish it up, so I think they will let me close soon enough.

    Wall-E's Letter's To Gavin is being published! He has started a new blog to offer advice to Max, the puppy. We have a tentative release date of January on the book. I saw my illustrations last week and I am starting to get excited.

  12. I had a Russian blue in college! Sweetest shy little cat.

    Thanks for following me. I have followed you back and look forward to getting to know you better :-) Always nice to find a fellow cat lover. Because can you ever really be one cat shy of crazy? ;-)

  13. This is really cute. I often let Luckie talked through me, but I'll never give her a blog alone. I would have to leave home.


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