Thursday, November 24, 2011

how to eat a turkey

 smells throughout the house like fingers of aromatic sage
pull us from our sounding sleep
    and down the hall to find it's source
we are always together we two we twins of mirth and fun
     and now we slink and crawl our way to where we
wind around two legs (poor ma man only two while
  we have 4 or 8 between us)
   while she pulls the glass faced door open and drizzles good
stuff over the huge bird which is warming itself inside
         Sonny do you see?  Sonny do you smell? 
Sonny stop pushing I need to get closer to the source...

Cher, Mon Cher careful you don't fall
   into that blue speckled vessel trying to get
closer still to scents that pour over us...why is Ma man shooing you
   away from the glass faced door?  Oh do you see what I see?
or are we only dreaming?  hurry Cher before the dream evaporates into nothingness...and we are left hungry for more...and the shouts of Happy Thanksgiving give way to leftover yesterdays...

Happy Thanksgiving from the McBride Pride


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all the humans and felines in your sweet-smelling home.

  2. this made me smile! i could smell the aroma too! :)

  3. hope they left some for you sandi...smiles....happy thanksgiving to the whole clan...

  4. I have one that's really sneaky if you've got turkey or roast beef (his favorite) out. Don't blink, because that cat will be up on the counter grabbing a chunk and taking off in a run before you open your eyes!

  5. That was a lot of fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. This is a lovely blog? Is this the main one from now?
    Your cats look as though they have tummies full of turkey...... so contented.
    Fancy telling us how to eat turkey!!!! I have no problems....... just open my mouth and pop it in....... with a touch of cranberry sauce! Yum!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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